It’s no longer ‘IF’ we will need legal representation in this busier than ever life, it’s ‘WHEN’

It’s not ‘IF’ we are going to die it’s ‘WHEN’

It’s no longer ‘IF’ our ID, our bank account, or social media will be compromised, it’s ‘WHEN’

It’s not ‘IF’ our financial woes will prevent us from moving forward, it’s ‘WHEN’


There is an expression that states: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

  • We cannot deny the fact that life has become busier than we can keep up
  • We cannot deny the fact that we are all going to die
  • We cannot deny the fact that daily news media reveals another business, personal account, or home as being compromised
  • We cannot deny the fact that the global financial debt predicament is like a time bomb awaiting to go boom … and we’re part of it


There is another expression that states: “Putting confidence in an unreliable person in times of trouble is like chewing with a broken tooth or walking on a lame foot.”

  • For example, over the past 15-20 years and more gravely today than ever, a family is no longer assured proper legal counsel because of costs alone; lawyers and attorney’s are affordable to the well-to-do, the wealthy. Over and above that from the very same fear mongering Media, we can see more and more ordinary people caught up in situations where legal advice at their fingertips, in their hip pocket if you will, would be invaluable.

So what would it be worth to you, considering this is another perfect example of preparing for the inevitable unknown consequence, to have immediate ‘and affordable‘ access to an entire law firm at the touch of a button on your mobile device for the advice you need, 24/7? For business purposes, and penny’s more a month, this pdf can help clarify why this is a must have product for business.

  • For example, overlooking that death is inevitable, or perhaps that we can extend life beyond our numbered days, the emphasis of exercise today from the likes of Orange Theory Fitness, Crossfit, or the box gyms is bigger than ever … but should exercise be prioritized over eternal security? Sharing another expression that says: “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”

How many stories have we heard of people being in the best of best shape, and yet they still died sooner than normal according to our way of thinking? Truth Mogul then, saying what needs to be said rather than what people want to hear, would encourage you to always prioritize according to the importance of the unknown consequence. Meaning, put first things first 1/ secure your soul, (Only place known to TM following 30 years of study with a Master’s degree, to be able to do this), and 2/ then aim to be better fit (The only place as of 2018 where pros and amateurs accomplish personal goals doing the same ‘coached‘ exercise program).

  • For example, very few are not caught up in the hunchback and curl cell phone craze … we can see the evidence anywhere, anytime, anyplace that there is an undeniable new addiction in town. Add to that our online vulnerability from home and away by the hours; does this enhance or minimize our risk of having our ID or social media compromised? If not, perhaps this 2 min video will help us see more clearly the necessity at hand around social media alone … or 1 min 17 sec for bigger picture!

What TM is attempting to demonstrate, is that trusting and following the right people should always be about you, based on truth, and the most likely inevitable matter to take place in time. Meaning … car insurance, house insurance, even liability insurance, may never be used, but they are law.

Life insurance is not law, but it will be used ~ General insurance noted immediately above may be used, but odds are against destroying your life. However, ID Theft will steal your life if not protected legitimately. A motor vehicle accident, your house burning down, or someone tripping and dying on your property are not accidents waiting to happen … but every moment using the internet from home or on the road, including every piece of information shared, especially online banking, you are subjecting yourself to cyber attack and ID theft of some kind … and there are no signs of it slowing down … quite the contrary!

  • In closing, for example, we have been told for years to avoid the pyramid scheme, where only the people at the top make all the money. Now if TM still chooses to be trusted and followed by people needing a safer, more viable, fair, and unbiased option in respects to bringing an end to living the paycheck to paycheck fiasco, then he must be bolder than bold in regards to the triangular graphic shown here, and say that a person would have to blind not to see the true pyramid culprit where only the CEO’s, owners, and shareholders at the top are, and will continue, making all the money if we don’t come up with a simple solution.

That solution is coming in March 2018 … however … TM is somewhat concerned! Are we too dummied down to believe what’s coming? Will we believe the truth behind the solution when we see it? Do we still have enough self-thinking within us to believe it is possible to bring another business model alongside our current and failing system, to A/ put the people in control of the money with a self-funded (for the people by the people) solution for unlimited disposable income, and B/ remove current debt and the need for any future debt, including mortgages?

Either way the solution is real … and it’s coming. Question remains, “HOW BAD DO WE WANT IT?”

2 thoughts on “NO WAY OUT … OR IS THERE”

  1. Well said, Truth Mogul. I like coming back here because you dispense wisdom based on common sense, but more importantly, Biblical principles. As you know, Proverbs tells us, “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished..” It’s wise to plan ahead and calculate risks to you and your family. Sadly, identity theft has become rampant and it seems as if no one is safe. People should educate themselves to the precautions and safeguards available.

    1. Hi again, Mike…
      Thank you so much for stopping by here…(don’t we know)…and for prompting the viewers to read a little deeper into the issues being addressed. Biblical principles I never shy from, nor am I ashamed of the gospel, thus the reason I share them periodically, because they speak into our souls and have for centuries; the living word does that in its own mysterious way.
      The identity theft thing is huge and is not going to slow down. Most as with all things, we tend to wait until it’s too late, however, the options available and so affordably should be looked into for sure; not to mention, they come with a $5 million dollar guarantee to protect your identity and if need be, recover it as though an incident never happened. Thanks again…

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