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Let’s link up to the ingredients found in our Monster Energy drinks just for the fun of it; are they or are they not healthy for us?

SODIUM 380mg


NIACIN (B1 additive) 170%

VITAMIN B6 (Synthetic Version – {Pyridoxine hydrochloride} 5% benefit of total consumed) 220%

VITAMIN B12 (Synthetic Version – {Cyanocobalamin} 5% benefit of total consumed) 600%

PANTOTHENATE (Vitamin B5 ??? Unknown – Sodium Pantothenate or Calcium Pantothenate) 290%


TAURINE 2000 mg



The problem being … we never know what we are getting. Clicking on each name, we can see this for ourselves. And anything ‘DRUG’ (man-made) is a long shot at the best of times targeted to a particular area of the body; ANYTHING NATURAL targets and benefits the entirety of the body automatically.


The ‘M’ for Monster is in fact taken from ‘777’ as in 777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley … being a collection of papers written by this man that has also captured the attention to become the idol of Hollywood and that of a good number of very popular singing sensations as well; have they sold out their souls to get there?

If you were to do further investigation around this topic, HERE for example, considering Wikipedia does a pretty good job as a non-profit, volunteer group of authors/researchers, you will find that Mr. Crowley, with all due respect, was a little out there. As a matter of fact, upon even deeper research you can find his advocacy for devil worship and the likes of his own religion, Thelema, ‘THE EYE OF HORUS,’ ‘777,’ ‘Occultism,’ ‘PAN,’ and ‘Baphomet,’ consuming mega names such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Keifer Sutherland, Snoop Dog, and Usher to name a few, choosing to follow the ‘Crowley’ fan-hood to avoid missing out on success; anything to be on top, right!

Truth is truth, and Truth Mogul is simply sharing what can become obvious to help us grasp how big and far and wide and deep evil will go to deceive people, keeping them as far as possible from the truth they need. Hollywood and/or the world refers to this as ‘THE THIRD, FOURTH, AND FIFTH DIMENSIONAL REALITY‘ … when in fact the Living God identifies this as a ‘CHASM‘…where believers (GOOD) are forever separated from unbelievers (EVIL) … which should never be taken lightly.


As a researcher for the past 20 years, working on an even bigger project to free the people (HUGE), TM simply finds it too difficult to sit back accepting things as they are when truth is being pushed further and further to the curb in favor of anything but truth. The majority must take 10% of the blame for this deception (not being vigilant enough), while the system, led by an evil overtone, which yours truly knows from degree study as ‘the devil himself ‘ in action, seeking to mislead all he can, manipulates the other 90% of its following (dummying people down) by way of technological advancements disguised as family-friendly tools such as the internet and its social media head games.

So many things are available for us to see on a daily basis that people are simply not thinking for themselves … walking and sitting around like robots in many cases … sitting in their cars at stop lights texting holding traffic up … driving 30 mph/50 kmh in the left – fast – emergency lane holding up traffic … road-raging tactics even when clearly in the wrong themselves … etc., etc.


To say TM is just babbling to babble is one thing … but to know he’s been researching our system for the past 20+ years should speak volumes as to taking what he is saying seriously.

Unfortunately, being unselfishly driven and without a political or religious platform funded by and endless cashflow, while adding to that, being 90% anti-internet and social media, it doesn’t leave a lot of room to spread the news when people have become unresponsive to face-to-face reality … and who are too busy propagating the very things that are keeping them broke while running around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

So when the question comes up, “how can we go from bad ingredients to anhedonia,” the answer is easy; No matter the ingredients from life itself, to the monster beverages, the food and junk we eat, to living chaotic lives, it’s dummying us down so low that when faced with truth, we deny it … we don’t want to hear it … with our replies something like, “Who cares!”


Overall, from the ingredients found in the Monster Energy Drinks, unless consumed in large quantities, especially combined with alcohol, while sticking to even 1 daily if a habit you cannot break, TM doesn’t see how it is going to kill you. At the same time, still good to know about the cornerstone behind the drink itself … no accountability needed while doing anything and everything to profit millions; always about the money and to hell with the addicted buyers.

From the stair steps to stardom, dressing for for the part, speaking and symbolizing the role, having the newest and hottest tech apps, pads, and abs, gotta-be-fit also (unless you’re Oprah affording to grab whatever fad diet pays the best), we’ve got it under control, right!

Truth is we are worshiping technology and missing life … or living life according to technology, while statifying what someone once said: “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

What stage of anhedonia are you at? Do you still have free access to your pleasure center, or is one or two women/men simply not enough anymore? Is that favorite computer game not able to settle the temperament as it once did? What about the movies you watch; not violent enough; not enough rock’em-sock’em? Or perhaps even two Monster drinks daily are no longer cutting it; expensive, huh!

Truth my friends…truth is what we need…and if you have ever heard of the expression, ‘The Truth Will Set You Free,’ and have the courage to try it out … this is one time TM will suggest you start HERE.

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