Monday January 21 2019 8:30pm EST

100 Guests Can Witness History in The Making

If It’s Not About The People It’s Not Worth The Time

Agendas are always motivated by something that resides within their leading founders.


It is the belief that if we follow a person around long enough, we can see evidence as to what it is that motivates them to do what is they are driven to accomplish; empathy often comes up short.


TM is a man who has long learned that true life principles, especially empathy, must prioritize every step we take; if it’s not about the people it’s not worth the time … and Denzel Washington affirms this well with his quote, “Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference,” … personally adding … BECAUSE … people must come first.


In closing, and yes you’ve probably heard similar takes on this, however, if you have ever pondered the idea that “there must be a better way,” or “how can I make this life battle work,” you’re encouraged to REGISTER HERE being certain to leave a viable and true email address (WILL NOT BE ABUSED nor have follow-up unless you ask us), requesting to receive the Webinar link to attend Monday June 21, 2019 at 8:30pm EST.


FOR YOU: As a genuine token of my appreciation for attending, each guest will receive 1/ A Digital Goals Journal, 2/ A Digital Time Management Journal, 3/ and 15 Ways To Have Your Best Year Ever.


PS: This will be time well spent … 20 years of study and research for the benefit of you and your family … especially the future of your children and grandchildren.



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