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This is Truth Mogul’s second Orange Theory Review (first one here), following 10 classes in.

Probably the most interesting attribute is that O.T.F is everything as claimed; for the pro or amateur alike, side by side, pro at say 25 reps and amateur at 3, 5, or 10 reps (to everyone’s personal potential), and yet both objectives being met while performing the exact same coached and screen/heart monitored, 1 hour session; did you catch the ‘coached, heart monitored, 1 hour’ part? Huge!

Personally, my wife (60) and I (39…I mean 59, lol), both find it exhilarating, fun, exciting, challenging, and unquestionably beneficial. Adding to the fact that everyone is challenged to use every muscle in their body at each and every session in a diversified all adult age class … where most are connecting before (hey Joel, Chantel, etc.), and after class (Wow! + And feels good doesn’t it!).

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Day 2

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Live and screen monitoring, including the heart (no matter a persons age…this is invaluable), a FT coach, periodically two, for each session, to demonstrate and lead ‘how to perform an exercise correctly,’ while encouraging each individual to strive for their best to meet personal objectives is a proficient manner in which to motivate a person … whom otherwise may not attempt to discover their limits beyond comfort zones.

For example, the more time spent in the Orange and Red zonesĀ (60-90 second pushes or the ‘All Outs’), the more ‘SPLAT POINTS’ earnedĀ (fat cells going pop) … not to mention … triggering the body to burn calories beyond class hours for the next 24-36 hours; yet another plus for OTF. Every reading is personal to each participant, taking into consideration a number of variables (are we sleep deprived/hungry/stressed, too much caffeine, sugar etc) … and the longer we’re involved and more time we choose to piece together what the science of each performance is telling us, the better we can become at setting new goals.

With that said, TM has never been a competitive person, as in the need to be number one. I played above average hockey and lacrosse and competitive softball in my younger days; latter with a much less competitive edge than first two of course. Later in life it was discovered I had exercise induced asthma … never knowing this until our daughter was diagnosed with symptoms sounding all too familiar. The harder TM skated for example, it felt like his heart was going to come burning through his chest, and the more training he did, never improved or solved the problem.

Oddly enough, health issues are not holding back our daughter’s 5-day-weekly Cross-fit training. Perhaps this is a result of a consistent fitness program in place with more diversity; someone like Ellen Latham could perhaps shed some light on this! With that said, knowing very little about Cross-fit, only from our daughter and son-in-law sharing, verses no more than my 10 classes in with Orange Theory Fitness, TM would have to say that OTF appears to be more suited for the majority … dependable of course around objectives and time frame; TM is guessing someone like Josh Brolin could not achieve his current objectives following a generalized OTF 1 hour training session.

When our daughter suggested ‘Cross-fit’ back in October 2017 … only for me to find OTF first, the latter appealed more realistic for my/our age. My wife & I saw the need to take better care of ourselves in an attempt to avoid the hours and hours spent with our parents in hospital emerge and/or at doctor appointments, only to witness the North American WAY OUT OF CONTROL (Big Pharm Money) pill pushing buffet.

TM also works in the health field and witnesses profound abuse of meds prescribed to the people he supports, where the likes of homeopathy treatment alone could probably lead our world into a 60% less need for pharmaceutical drugs.

In closing once again, TM has no connection with Orange Theory Fitness other than being a new client who believes in shouting from the rooftops when something this genuine comes to his attention … and in this case, on motives alone. Of course, founder Ellen Latham is going to reap the benefits as a franchisor, however, it is what it is, and if she becomes a billionaire as a result of it, which in fact is for the ‘natural’ benefit of the health of millions, in a time-frame and professionally structured and coached fitness atmosphere, HEAR, HEAR!

PS: The book ‘PUSH’ by Ellen Latham is a book for every fitness enthusiast library … unquestionably … and contrary to some envious and/or naive reviews.

Click on the books cover graphic to purchase from amazon; NOT A REFERRAL LINK BELONGING TO TM or his wife, relative etc., etc., etc; not a fan of needing to always get something for sharing key information.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. Wow! This sounds like a fun way to get fit, Truth Mogul. I like Orange Theory’s approach of earning points as I too am not a competitive person except when it comes to attaining personal goals. I tried a personal trainer, but they seemed more concerned with signing me up for more sessions than advancing my fitness goals. Sounds like you and your wife are having fun while getting into shape. As you said, Big Pharm would love for people to just pop pills rather than pursue a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let health problems get to you because you only have one body during this lifetime.

    1. Orange Theory Fitness is the most scientifically sound fitness program available to us. The experience of its founder, Ellen Latham, brings 40+ years of training to the table from strength, Pilates, Yoga, to Spinning classes, and was determined to create a system that could offer the most and best results in the least amount of time; thus 1 Hr workouts, every muscle group in our body, resulting in a hypothetical multi-vitamin approach sessions vs., a Vitamin B and/or Vitamin A and Vitamin C approach sessions. A must read book is PUSH by: Ellen Latham … Ebook I believe is only $6 on amazon.

      Oh yes…OTF comes with a live coach in every session…and often…one leading and one shadowing for extra exercise precision usage…really cool…and worth every dime…when people are hurting themselves in box gyms, or working one body sector only believing it is helping them get into shape…NOT!

      And BIG PHARM … would love for us all to just pop those pills and get well, one organ at a time … rather than our body healing itself in unison as given us freely naturally.

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