This Bank Does Not Appear to Exist

This Bank Exists But No Evidence to Verify if Person is Real

Sadly enough in today’s day and age, we can and will go to great lengths to create anything and everything our little heart desires to appear as legitimate, including the purchase of degree certification to be someone we are not.

Truth Mogul has a suggestion! Why not just be you … me … who we are … rather than pretend to be someone we are not.

TM does not have a so-called framed ‘Master of Religious Studies’ degree certificate mounted in his office. Why?

A/ I was not going to purchase one,

B/ I was not going to follow the traditional orthodox study requirements to satisfy man’s itch for conformity and denominational orthodoxy protocol that results in bias and/or slanted interpretation of scripture led by the pride of man

C/ And upon approaching the Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camila, GA, providing them all my courses and study materials to date, thinking it might be best to have my knowledge brought to paper, under one recognized institution, for a more polished presentation of my past study efforts, even though they noted that my study hours were well suited to a Master’s degree, they could only recognize suffice to enter me in their B.A. program. Although this decision was respected, the length of time required to repeat this whole process was simply something myself and God decided I would not do … nor did I need it; the 12 disciples were ordinary everyday men without a diploma or degree mounted beside or on their fishing boats or tax collector booth … and Jesus asked for none!


I’m not sure if too many people would have the courage to be honest and up front to the point of sharing their ‘ACTUAL’ bank account with the world … and TM will have no problem doing so in the future if ‘HUGE‘ does for the people what he believes it can do.

This is my bank account, two bank accounts and a personal line of credit actually:

1/ $288.21 is my checking account … and

2/ $55.89 is my savings account, noted as another checking account.

3/ $-2,768.33 is my Personal Line of Credit … that literally just went up $1768.33 after paying my visa bill (never carry a balance), used to wait 30 days from Herman’s Auto in Kingston, ON (Portsmouth & Princess Street).

Dear friends, we must begin sooner than later trusting and following the right people for all the right reasons … and today you are being challenged.


You don’t have to post your bank account asĀ  I have done … you don’t have to show anyone … but the challenge is to begin today being 100% honest and transparent with yourself … with that person looking back at you in the mirror.

Pull up your bank account and have a real up close and personal look at it and tell yourself (out loud if alone), that you’re happy just the way things are … and nothing needs to change.

If you can do this, then hey, good for you, keep up the great work, you have my vote! BUT IF YOU CANNOT SAY THIS … then do something to change it!

Pick up the book ‘What Color is Your Parachute,’ from your local library … it’s free … and have a read.

Sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with your partner (spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend).


You’re encouraged to brief through a few posts; hell, considering subscribing to the TM Blog … no strings … no autoresponders (silent and intrusive salesperson knocking on your email box over and over and over…NO NO NO) … but rather, just receiving each post as they come out … and unsubscribe any time.

I suggest this to discover for yourself a reason why you might want to follow TM and his suggestions, considering his transparency in this post alone, plus, if nothing else, to see what ‘HUGE‘ is all about.

The online guru’s are not going to share where they get their car fixed, let alone their actual bank account … because they need you to believe they make $10K-$30-$150K every month so you will feed into their system that is tied into every other online guru doing the very same thing; you are little bucks in their pocket along with millions of others being told the same story … ‘YOU CAN DO IT!’ … and TM is telling … NO YOU CAN NOT with a 98% online business failure rate against you.

Change is inevitable, but change starting with self is worthy of applause, and if you’re unhappy with your current predicament in life with a bank account that is up and down and bordering on empty along with the majority of us around the world, with nothing to show at the end of the day, week, month, or year, year in and year out, you really want to see what’s coming.

So, TM, if you’re so smart, why is your bank account the way it is, like everyone else … why should I trust you?”

Good and fair question. I’m afraid however that my best answer is that you can actually trust me by following up if you so choose, by the information found within my posts that are very transparent; call my actual workplace; my garage where I just had my car fixed and ask for, Steve; look me up online and verify my Kingsdale Avenue address (google earth me and see I don’t live in a mansion), etc., etc.

You can trust TM, Kevin Simpson, because why on earth would anyone spend 20+ years looking for answers to help the world rather than helping themselves when 90-95% of said majority are hypnotically driven via marketing manipulation, to live the very opposite; me, myself, & I?

With TM, you know who he is, where his heart is, where he stands faith wise, and he is constantly harping about equality, loving all and judging none … and not too many leaders today come remotely close to this type of transparency about themselves or their lives … and couldn’t care less about you or your family … unless the camera is rolling.

PS: Know how online affiliate marketing blog millionaire eBay success story gurus flaunt phony checks and bank accounts and then, respectfully, decide where you should be placing your trust … with THEM … OUR GOVERNMENT … or TM, who lives to be unselfishly motivated, loving all and judging none.

6 thoughts on “Know How Online Affiliate Marketing Blog Millionaire eBay Success Story Gurus Flaunt Phony Checks and Bank Accounts”

  1. In a world full of phonies, the truth is more precious than ever. I remember BEFORE the Interweb that you could go to places called “degree mills” and get a degree without the inconvenience of attending school, taking exams, etc. Now, it seems like it’s even easier to get fraudulent degrees and harder to get legitimate ones. Confused? If you want to get a legitimate degree, you have to be sharp because many students pursuing four-year degrees take five years (sometimes longer) to graduate because they can’t get their prerequisite courses on time. Don’t even get me started on online courses. Some are nothing but scams. Do you want me to get started on for-profit colleges, TM?

    1. You hit the nail on the head for me, Mike, when you say ‘the truth is more precious than ever.’

      And interesting info regarding the student challenges, as TM has had a few himself over the years with regards to studies etc. And considering this is Friday, lol, and knowing you are a former Attorney, no matter the field, I won’t get you all fumed up on the topic of ‘for-profit colleges, lol…

      PS: With an opening like this, I must add, this ‘for-profit colleges,’ issue in our two countries, Canada and the USA specifically, that has been a driving force behind the reason for what’s coming … ‘HUGE,’ because it will gradually, quite quickly I suspect when the news of its capabilities take hold, empower all people to move forward through passion without the need for debt.

      You’re a good man, Mike … thank you for your time to provide feedback … as yours truly is running on empty to bring this forward to a world in need … and literally just received a text from my programmer that things could be rolling here in the next few days … amen … yes … yes … yes; AND THEN it’s trusting in the best ways to introduce it FACE-TO-FACE … and away from the online faceless society for the benefit of all …

      Thanks again … TM

  2. You know what gets me is the proliferation of phonies out there. People hide behind fake degrees, fake resumes, and whatever they can to create a phony identity. You would think that the information superhighway would make it easy to spot these frauds, but it doesn’t. I think it empowers them instead.

    1. You got it, Ryan!

      The information superhighway is their ‘GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD,’ in a matter of speaking … it’s their hiding place. A programmer can set a computer up to do anything (ask the lottery tattletale if you can find one), that means the phony’s and the scammers too can hide anywhere they choose in all that wide open faceless space available. As a matter of fact, it has a telephone number that belonged to TM, lost to a company called ACN a few years back now … my old phone number of 20+ years is literally lost in space … the exact words they told TM and his legal counsel after all was said and done.

      Sad … however … TM is here to win the race … to win this long game of challenges and setbacks … to level the playing field for the majority who want it … and that is to live with freedom and choices, currently called ‘HUGE’

      Thanks again, Ryan … thank you, thank you for stopping by … please spread the message … TM

  3. So many people hide behind a fake persona, specially online. It is rare to find this level of honesty and self acceptance so I commend you on this. I feel like people are so wrapped up with what others may say or think of them that they forget what God thinks of them and what Jesus has already done for them. God loves as as we are, not according to our bank accounts!

    1. Casey, Casey, Casey … wow … what’s with this logic and common sense stuff, lol, lol….

      Please stop by my blog any time and share such simple truth that we might all learn well from it …

      And oh yes … it is so so easy to follow those who pretend, rather than those who say it as it is, and few care to listen; LET’S CHANGE THIS!

      Thank you again for stopping by and leaving a comment … thank you, thank you … TM

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