Good news only states that our future can be different for the pauper and middle class with or without a degree … status or no status … experience or no experience. And yes you read it correctly … WITHOUT A CATCH.

Respectfully, yours truly knows you’ve heard this line one too many times before. We used to believe we could never run out of options. We used to dream big … living openly in a world of willing expectation and strangely enough, in most cases our hearts were more than satisfied; at the least, enough to keep us hopeful and on track.

Five lines only for the record … that child like faith has died … it’s turned cold … bitter … and confused. So much so that the extrovert has become more introvert. The land of “That’s just the way it is,” has long taken over … as a result of accepting the wrong agendas or legislation for example, such as ‘The Privacy Act,’ which in actual fact surrenders the voice and rights of the people. Simply put, lies and deception can now be hidden for reason of ‘PRIVACY’ alone … another story for another time to avoid the path of the dream stealer … naysayer … pessimist.

So if you dare, TM challenges you to imagine the possibilities, the hope, the choices, and the freedom without a catch for you and your family, because said promise is indeed about to be revealed to the global populous from an unselfishly driven heart that has long sought an answer for the majority over the past twenty plus years; his debt was not just his own, but rather a global plague sucking away the very joy out of life unnecessarily.


Living the dream should deliver to us the opportunity to look up, around us, beside us, whatever, and see, sense, and feel hope, and that is not the case anymore. North American’s, as in Canada and USA, with all the apparent opportunity before them to spread their wings and fly is simply no longer as easily obtainable as once proclaimed.

The fictional movie clip immediately below with, Jeff Daniels sharing ‘Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore,’ delivers a piece of truth that could not escape serious consequences in the real world; it’s the truth, but it is not a politically correct statement, therefore it is not welcomed with open arms.

Getting back to ‘Good News Only,’ yours truly is striving to find a way to capture the readers attention while at the same time winning their hearts. The answer he has discovered will not only lead us into what he calls ‘The Age of Equality,’ but open doors to bigger and better ideas as a result of natural progress, copycats or otherwise … and all for the benefit of the people, business, non-profit, and government.

Hi I’m, Kevin … Truth Mogul … a simple love-all-judge-none humble man with zero status, celebrity, political or religious influence … and a heart bound and bent on change for all the right reasons … THE PEOPLE.

I am of the firm belief that if the majority were to witness for themselves, over time, trust uncommon to familiarity this day and age … AT THE SAME TIME … having access to a solution that removes their need for debt, a means to play catch-up, while providing an ever increasing monthly disposable income stream, apart from employment, to secure their retirement years … then the future would take on new meaning … children and grandchildren included.


Years ago, one of my many attempts to be self-employed (before learning a life changing business principle), was a company called Guy-Tash Security Inc. When my partner and I approached an individual about our services offered, the man told me I was too nice to do business with.

Why do I share this? The Media fear mongering and manipulative deception was already well on its way over twenty years ago … what about today? Who or what do you trust? Are you too fearful to trust one more time? If yes, then what does your future hold while continuing to do the same thing over and over again, robbing Peter to pay Paul month after month for example … or … keeping up with the majority until debt-do-us-part?

In closing, and if no, meaning you could see yourself trusting again, I would like to invite you to monitor the ‘HUGE’ link in the menu bar. Although further behind schedule than anticipated, better late than never, right, this ideal about to surface is so simple, not to mention self-funded, that it comes to the world off the coattails of a little boy named, Timmy … and our world … your world … will never be the same as we move forward into ‘The Age of Equality.’

Look forward to our future together … keep watch!

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