HUGE (To Be Formally Announced December 10 2018) IS IN ITS FINAL PREPARATION STAGE

HUGE has been given the green light. Meaning, The Age of Equality, a most selfless undertaking for the benefit of all mankind is finally upon us. 2019 will make history, with all people, including you and your family, front-row-center … as we experience together true freedom for the people by the people … 100% self-funded

~~~ HUGE has nothing to do with social media or internet marketing while using maybe 5-10% of all technology and what the internet as a whole can offer us; we don’t need it! To put it simply … self-funded monthly disposable income is days away from being available to the majority … with or without a degree … status or no status … experience or no experience
… rich or poor … thanks to two very legal activities *** 1/ A digital subscription & 2/ Gratitude (Saying Thank you) … KEEP WATCH for the date and time of our upcoming WEBINAR in Mid-January 2019 ~~~

A Solution to Secure The Future of Our Children and Grandchildren Following 20 Years Research 100% Self-Funded

*** To be part of the upcoming WEBINAR … to be joined from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office computer … you will need to send a request using our Contact Form to be one of 100 guests only to join this webinar.


Since 1996, TM has researched long and hard for this one resolve in particular, and while on this journey a plethora of other ‘JUST NOT TRUE’ or ‘SERIOUSLY CHALLENGING’ matters became self evident. As a result I was convicted and compelled to become a leader and voice for the people … ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Respectfully, our JOB, banking and financial systems are way out of control and in desperate need of assistance … exactly what ‘HUGE‘ is here to resolve. To clarify, the objective begins and will remain as nothing shy of a leadership style that has long left us … one of integral, accountable, people-first leadership at the forefront of a pure genius and selfless solution that can come alongside our failing and archaic system for the benefit of the people, business, non-profit, and government bodies, just for starters.


Imagine for just a moment, a business model that can provide us the missing disposable income that people need, and did so automatically, 100% self-funded, for the people by the people! Meaning, a job would suddenly become something we do out of passion and not as in obligation being our current predicament to pay bills and debt. How? Because the monetary return from our job would no longer be our primary source of income; the solution, ‘HUGE’ would be.


Are you beginning to sense the potential, the breath of fresh air, the peace of mind at hand that this would offer up to the majority, a world in bondage to debt unlike any other time in history?


TM and his partner in reference to HUGE, will earn your trust and respect, when they say that HUGE can accomplish everything as promised. Two humble and unselfishly driven people-first leaders, both with a Master’s degree and void of any religious or political agendas, bring to you a business model where wealth is equally distributed to ‘ALL’ people, without bias or hindrance … as it should be.


2019 is about to make history … Let’s change our world together … starting December 10, 2018 and forward.


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