Since 1996, TM has researched long and hard for one resolve in particular (coming March 2018), and while on this journey a plethora of other ‘JUST NOT TRUE’ issues began to reveal themselves. Being the type of person TM is, he felt someone had to start speaking up…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
In this particular case, our JOB (Just Over Broke), banking and financial systems are way out of control in desperate need of change and/or assistance.
Imagine for just a moment, a business model that could come alongside our current and failing system that provides the missing disposable incomes that people need, doing so automatically, 100% self-funded. Meaning, a job suddenly becomes what we do out of passion, and not obligation, to pay bills and debt … because the monetary return from our job would not be our primary source. Are you beginning to sense the potential, the breath of fresh air, the peace of mind that this will bring?
You can trust TM when he says that this can and will accomplish everything as promised … with two unselfishly driven people-first leaders, both with a Master’s degree (not fools), who stand to gain very little more than anyone else because of its business model, where the wealth is equally distributed to ‘ALL’ people … empowering said people to negotiate the best safe keeping with banks around the world who offer ‘FAIR’ return.
It is paramount for us to begin looking deeper into the mind games and secrets being played around us … social media, internet marketing, and the banking conglomerates for example … for it all indeed effects each and every one of us, especially our future generations; check out ‘Student Debt Crisis,’ as one mere example!
TM is a simple middle class worker, struggling unnecessarily along with the majority, who has no political or religious agenda going into this, other than standing for the people, the little guy, regarding truth on matters of genuine concern *** especially when it comes to our health and finances … the latter now being horrific in scope.
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