The in word for some time now, next to ‘HACK’ of course, lol, is DETOX – “Detox this and detox that” but what good is all the effort put forward to DETOX if we are receiving extracellular benefit only…and not Intracellular?

The following analogy (Why do we need antioxidants), was quoted by a renowned Doctor regarding his genius and miraculous discovery. Now although it is intended to address a couple matters, the point here is to catch the rubbish left behind if a job is not done correctly in the first place…especially regarding our health.

If you don’t grasp the full impact on the first read, try it a second time, or from a simpler perspective, such as: “What good is it to dust around the sofa and not underneath it?”

Or, “What good is it to wash the outside of ‘anything’ and leave the inside untouched?”

Now this may seem obvious, and considering this blog is not intended to be exhaustive on any topic, but rather, truth kept simple, the idea is to bring to light…”Is DETOX on an extracellular level only beneficial, or should a DETOX¬† include the benefit of both intracellular and extracellular?”

The cell graphic shows only¬† the minor intricacies of a cell, but more importantly, it’s to help us visualize that both extracellular and intracellular housekeeping is needed.

In closing, did you know that both tap and bottled water can never provide maximum body hydration because their molecular structure is too large (15-20 count) to penetrate the cell wall to provide us intracellular benefit?

That’s part of of this post is that the pagesWEW‘ and ‘G4G now available, offer us intracellular benefit, the very thing TM sees knows to be as holy grail essentials for life.

Truth Mogul saying thank you for stopping by and catching up on truth kept simple.

2 thoughts on “Holy Grail Essentials For Life Now Over The Moon”

  1. You have a gift for explaining complex things with simple analogies, Truth Mogul. I love the fireplace/ash analogy. I’ve heard about detoxing your body and it makes sense, but I’m wary of the many products out there that seem shady at best. Does the body really need help detoxifying itself or can it rely on its internal organs? I’d love to get more information and will check out the other blogs here.

    1. Hi, Harry Benderson! Thank you for stopping by again! Don’t take anyone’s word for your question, “does the body really need help detoxifying itself,” until you read the book ‘The Enzyme Factor,’ by the infamous and renowned celebrity Gastroenterologist, Hiromi Shinya MD. And more so, a video on YouTube that shows the results of using Winning Edge Water (.com) on his patience, and its genius is self shown with actual patient visuals … amazing; enough said!

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