TM is from Canada, eh! Not my fault, let’s just say, lol, and when I leave my home for whatever reason, I generally go by Centennial Drive north to Taylor-Kidd Blvd. On the south-west corner we have a Petro-Canada gas station (not Canadian by the way), and they are the first to lead all gas hikes; Kingston, ON Canada is always the highest, literally, in this entire region.

A person can drive 25 minutes east and find gas always .10 cents p/litre cheaper. A person can drive 25 minutes west to a local Indian Reserve (99.9% of my time spent in support of), and find the gas consistently .15-20 cents per/litre cheaper, being good by me if for nothing else than the satisfaction of not giving my money to the city in which I live.

And then we find us another culprit eager to either follow suit, or lead the way to gas hikes, and that is ESSO, who sits on the north-west corner of Centennial Drive and Princess Street. Simple solution to all this, IF YOU ARE A FAN OF SOCIAL MEDIA … in fact 1, 2, 3, simple that fulfills the title of hitting gas and oil companies where it hurts by keeping it simple … being their pocket books.

Every three months, one of these gas companies is boycotted; not too hard to remember … April is PETRO-CANADA boycott month (no gas from these guys) … May can be ESSO, and June can be in this case, CANADIAN TIRE GAS.

You got it! If people began sharing this simple little rule … 1, 2, 3, rule … PETRO-CANADA … ESSO … CANADIAN TIRE … or wherever you live … or whatever country you live … it will begin to bite into the pocketbooks of these selfishly driven gas and oil king pins … and help bring control to the people.

So say starting May 01 2018, wherever you are, pick three gas king pins … not four, not five, BUT JUST THREE … to keep it simple for the majority.

The month of May could be BOYCOTT PETRO-CANADA *** The month of June could be BOYCOTT ESSO *** The month of July could be BOYCOTT CANADIAN TIRE GAS … etc., etc., etc., over and over and over every 3 months.

In other words August would be BOYCOTT PETRO-CANADA again *** September would be BOYCOTT ESSO again *** October would be BOYCOTT CANADIAN TIRE GAS again ….

This Should Not Come Down to YES … NO … or MAYBE! Take the lead … do more for all the right reasons … and begin taking back control by using the very tools that were created to beat us … such as Social Media and the ‘WWW’ and teach greed a lesson or two

4 thoughts on “Hitting Gas and Oil Companies Where it Hurts by Keeping it Simple”

  1. That’s actually a clever idea. The oil companies are constantly sticking it to consumers whether it’s damaging the environment or alleged price-fixing. I think more people need to consider using economic boycotts like this to send messages, not only to oil companies, but to all corporations who are unfair to consumers. The power of the Internet makes it easy to pass this information on, but people seem more complacent than ever. Why do you think that is?

    1. Hey Ryan…welcome once again to the TM blog 🙂

      I agree…keep it simple…just three major gas pump players…and every 3 months…we do not buy their gas and/or oil; easy to remember … and this literally hits them where it hurts while costing them billions as a result … and being one positive bench mark for social media that is worth people’s time to spread a simple message … propagate something worth while for the benefit of THE LITTLE GUY … yes, yes, yes, lol …

      And yes we have become complacent and the SIMPLE reason for this, in my honest humble estimation, is that the boredom and monotony of life added onto the fact of getting zero results when efforts have been put forth, FAR TOO MANY TIMES, thus we just quit trying. This is no different than reasons majority quit at anything at any time; we can only be knocked down so many times.
      PS: and all those fluffy quotes we find on facybook, including the likes of “QUITTERS NEVER WIN, WINNERS NEVER QUIT,” hogwash makes as much majority sense as tossing a life jacket into drowning newborn who is yet unable to comprehend its purpose or take hold of it in the first place.

      People need change where they can see hope … something in return for the efforts put forth and right now they are not getting it … and TM is hoping that ‘HUGE‘ will lead us into the Age of Equality … where this hope can catapult us into joyful, giving, and memorable times.

      Thanks, Ryan…TM

  2. This is brilliant! I don’t live in Canada but it makes sense why this would work. You take back control and set up doubt in the minds of businesses looking to rip people off. It is funny too. They say “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers”, what of brilliant people? If groups would put aside their differences and come together they would see change and this is a small example of that.

    1. Hey, David … welcome … and thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      It is a simple but brilliant plan; 3 big gas players only and each three months, back to boycott number one again … which in turn will cost them billions.

      Love the expression, “never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers,” … so yes, what of brilliant people!

      Boycott just three major gas players to take back control for the people

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