Going Through The Motions of Life Missing Life Itself

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses on the rose bush?

When was the last time you watched a Monarch Butterfly or Bumble Bee float from bush to bush seeking its food?

When was the last time you gave any thought to your morning ritual routine before heading off to your workplace?

When was the last time you purchased something over $100 and never had to charge it?

When was the last time you put $100 into your savings account and never had to touch it?

When was the last time you reviewed your last will and testament to make sure everything was in place to protect your belongings and family, just in case today is the day you take your last breath?

When did you last monitor how much time your social media steals from you on a daily basis?

When was the last time you put your cell phone away for 1 or more hours without touching it?

When was the last time you used the expression: “Who cares?”


Have you ever found yourself following the crowd … doing stuff just because everyone else was?

Have you ever wanted to go against the grain … not follow the crowd … but felt unsure as to what others would think?

Have you ever pondered the idea that maybe it’s time for a crowd change but afraid to make the move?

The question is, does going through the motions of life missing life itself make sense to you?

Do we continue doing what everyone else is doing just to follow the crowd?

What’s worse … following everyone else … or stepping out in faith to do what we know is right deep down?


Speaking with a much younger co-worker (health field), slightly younger than TM’s daughter (31), in regards to her T4 (Tax form for filing in Canada), she asked, “Why is my income below the poverty line, considering the field I am in?” I replied as cautiously but directly as I am known to do with the following: “Just so you know, I make less today than I did 15 years ago in this very same field.” *** For the record, I know this from a T4 slip from 15 years ago. I get the raises like everyone else, but hours, and limitations are cut back. It’s PT and Casual today’s day and age … not FT!

Now how encouraging is that for our young people? Was I to lie to her? Am I to be as the majority choose to be … complacent … pretending that ‘EVERYTHING IS PERFECT,’ … and more importantly, because I don’t want her to know the truth of my own position?

We must switch gears and wake up the reality of the life we are living. This is not a dress rehearsal! Day in and day out doing the same thing over and over and over again with nothing to show at the end of the day, week, month, or year is horrific to say the least.

Canada’s Globe and Mail 2017 reports ~ One third of generation ‘Y’ are not working in their field of education ~ 21% are working more than 1 job ~ and half are seeking a new job … and the USA is worse off again!

In my own workplace the majority of young people are trying to juggle 2 & 3 jobs, keep a smile on their face, and use social media as their scapegoat. TM doesn’t blame them…and who can…considering…they can at least find some sunshine or reason to escape the monotony of life, in a system that thrives and prospers on their debt while keeping them too busy to think for themselves … going through the motions of life missing life itself.

From another angle, and being in the health field, I see lives changing when their pharmaceutical drugs are withheld to rediscover their base-line for reevaluation, and it’s clear they don’t need those meds…doing far better without them! BUT MONEY TALKS….

Witnessed a friends son who had been placed on Ritalin … going through serious issues in life, at home, and at school … removed said drug, and went to a straight A student, excelling in everything he does.

Watched my late mom, have her meds reduced while in hospital from multiple drug overdoses (age and eye issues + way too many drugs), and each time she would come home, we’d have our old mom back … BUT … once back on the drugs, she’d be in la-la-land. BUT MONEY TALKS … and seniors tend to believe their GP (General Practitioners) Doctors, not specialists, missing that they are reaping huge drug kickbacks.

Do you suppose you could think more clearly for best results:

  • at home in a quiet place
  • while driving to or from work
  • while dining out for a casual meal
  • while sitting in a nice secluded area
  • on an airplane bound for a vacation
  • sitting on a beach or by a pool

We find ourselves in a bit of a paradox with this post. We’re going through the motions of life missing life itself … that makes no sense. We must switch gears but unsure as to how. We know money isn’t everything but everything needs money. And finally, the wisdom of Jim Rohn is telling us that time is more valuable than money.

So what if there was a way for us to capitalize on both time and money? Not chasing the money but having money come to us, 100% self-funded, which in turn would give us the time to do life on our terms, with willing time and anticipation to stop and smell the roses … without concern for bills or debt … to watch the butterfly or bumble bee feed … knowing our bank account is flourishing automatically, as should be without any bias restrictions…in today’s day & age.

What TM is getting at, is that it is pretty obvious we need change from what we can see and retrieve from this post alone. Therefore, knowing what we know, if we move forward with an open mind, noting change is needed, we could probably look at a graphic that can show us why we are living as we are, and the how our current demise can be remedied.

The left side of said graphic is our current system where only the people at the top make all the money … leaving peanuts within the system for the majority to be fighting over. Whereas the right side is a self-funded business model solution where everybody wins … nobody gets left behind.

Do you see a problem with this … because Truth Mogul does not … if we are talking the right side of the equation.

With so much technological advancements taking place today, there really and truly is no excuse why society cannot be self-funded, taking away the financial control from those who are abusing it at this time and placing into the hands of the majority.

Too bold! Hey, TM lives to be bold but respectful. I was always taught if we want respect we earn it. And if we were wrong, then we apologize, ask forgiveness, mean it (repent…not say sorry), and move on without hard feelings or regrets, with thanks for the lessons learned.

There is no reason on God’s green earth why the people cannot be in control of their own finances, as well as choosing what bank we will deal with.

For example, if TM has $550K dollars to invest (currently has that in debt), and he goes to his local bank and they say…”TM, we’d be happy to serve you and give you 4% interest,” while a Swedish, Finnish, German, or Russian banker for example offers 6% or 10%, then hey, technology empowers me to deal with whom I choose, correct! So in this particular case, TM would be in charge, not the bank.

As of this moment, the banks and our entire financial systems are in charge, robbing us blind while boasting of billions in profits … and TM says that does not need to be the case … with a solution to turn the tables … soon to be revealed right here in March 2018 … FOLLOWING 20+ YEARS OF STUDY AND RESEARCH.

*** No pride … no arrogance … no gimmicks.

*** The old out of control archaic trading time for dollars is dead and the people deserve equality, freedom, and choices … currently not the case.


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