The most profound truth of the matter is, is that too many big guns don’t want the likes of this to manifest. It places too much control into the hands of the people as you will soon discover. And trust TM when he says … this is only a tidbit of information that has been attempted 3x prior to get to the people to no avail.

To be honest, the last time this fell to the wayside, I thought that would be it … kaput … and it took TM near 2 years of sulking, complaining and lamenting to have the courage, by the grace of God, to pick himself up long enough to begin piecing bits and pieces of said book from deleted files following a few 2 year old temper tantrums … pity parties, whatever.

Hey, we’re all far from perfect! Yours truly is just further than most … and with his dad driving that home from his deathbed “You’re not as smart as you think you are,” I must confess didn’t help any. However, another story for another time, besides the fact that my God is bigger than my earthy father or anyone else who has chosen to look at me like I have two heads … and unbeknownst to me … my living God moves in His timing not mine or anyone else’s. Do I think! lol

OK, OK, enough preaching … although we all need it more than we will ever confess, lol.

This book will soon be available as a free download on the new website coming soon. In the meantime, in the right hand column of Truth Mogul blog, you’re encouraged to subscribe to the TM Blog posts. Don’t miss the updates regarding this HUGE release *** Scouts Honor – Unsubscribe any time … NO ANNOYING POP-UPS … NO ANNOYING PPC GOOGLE ADS.

The book title is exciting enough on its own … HOWEVER … better still … the resolve almost immediately begins producing an ever increasing, automated disposable income at the rate of 200%-300% month after month, relative to the expression ‘Compounded Monthly.’ Difference being, not as in interest paid, but rather, on new money coming in … new free thank you gifts in return as a result of the ‘90%’ gratitude noted above.

Now thus far it may sound like TM is talking in circles … but know this! This is no joke! This resolve incorporates the thoughts, ideas, and ethical and logical tweaks following twenty years of research after yours truly found himself with over $250K of music investor debt that he wanted to be accountable for. He quickly discovered that the system back then (far worse today), was not capable of allowing him to take care of this size of debt while having any kind of life at the same time … meaning he was not alone and it was only going to get worse … and a solution would be needed. Voila!

We Love All, Accept All, and Judge None


As with all things in which Truth Mogul is involved, this blog or anything he shares, in person or otherwise, is as real and true as it gets, void of bias or for selfish gain. For example, TM uses and/or owns both G4G and WEW and decided to make them part of this blog because they truly do deliver on promise; for good reason, both are the Holy Grail of products.

Before sharing 10 of the 25 benefits that come with being part of this HUGE project soon to be released to the public (March 2018), TM and his partner, Gigi, want you to know where we stand faith wise. We think that is important. We are both Christian. You do not have to believe as we do. We love all, accept all, and judge none. We have a heart for global equality and fair distribution of wealth … and together we can change the world starting with yours.


“A woman after God’s own heart ~ ‘ALL PEOPLE’ must come first ~ Born and raised in Nigeria ~ ‘Master of Science in Civil Engineering’ ~ “Changing our world according to TM’s plan, seemed too good to be true … until I saw the ‘how’ for myself and realized what it could do for my own country”


“A man after God’s own heart – Nobody can be left behind ~ Born and raised in Inverary, ON Canada ~ ‘Master of Religious Studies’ ~ “1 + 1 = 2 – life or success need not be any more complicated” ~ “Change is inevitable, but change starting with self is worthy of applause”

10 of The 25 Benefits in Upcoming Book *** No Strings Attached *** Not on Truth Mogul’s Watch


  • This huge ideal offers freedom from the dependency on a system that thrives on our debt
  • This huge ideal offers freedom to work at what we love to do and not what we are obligated to do
  • This huge ideal offers freedom to our children and grandchildren considering JOB and INCOME security has all but disappeared
  • This huge ideal offers freedom from the need to try and save millions when saving hundreds or thousands is a challenge
  • This huge ideal offers freedom to put into action a self-funded monthly residual income that never stops growing for life
  • This huge ideal offers freedom to return 200%-300% each and every month
  • This huge ideal offers freedom to keep doing what we love to do by supplementing our income to enhance choices without debt
  • This huge ideal offers freedom to avoid income drops that come with seasonal employment
  • This huge ideal offers freedom to boost insufficient retirement, pension, disability, unemployment incomes
  • This huge ideal offers freedom for unprepared Baby-Boomers to play catch-up…fast


4 thoughts on “Freedom For The People By The People”

  1. The Huge ideal offer would be a great one when it lands, I presume. I’ve been following this website and TM’s posts for a while now, and I can tell his posts are always lit. Well, a project that has TM and Gigi as partners will be a successful one, and looking at the benefits of the Huge offer come March 2018, it’s easy to see why it’s a project one shouldn’t miss out.

    1. Hi Sandra! This is truly not only a 20+ year hearts desire coming for the benefit of the people, but deep within it all, it stirs up a pet-peeve of mine; the system in place is just not fair. People cannot get ahead, let alone win. With what is coming in March 2018, as sure as I am a human being alive and well, this can be the greatest thing that has ever happened for the ‘LITTLE GUY’ the majority, the masses, as the saying goes … SINCE SLICED BREAD.

      The only thing, Sandra, that will prevent this from happening as expected, is that society has fallen too far from the understanding of the power of gratitude … as odd as that may sound … because the resolve is based on 10% technical know-how and 90% gratitude. Keep watch … and thanks again for the nice comment. Kevin a.k.a. TM Truth Mogul

  2. I’m skeptical about everything, but I am always open to exploring new ideas or concepts (or classic tried and tested ideas formatted for today’s world). People need to wake up to the oppressive nature of society and find a better way to live their lives. Jesus told us to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves, so there is nothing wrong with knowing how to navigate the world.

    1. I must give your comment an ‘amen’ on that one, Vince! Respectfully for clarity, as noted in my Truth Mogul Overview in Five, TM is not a Christian blog, but its owner/founder is … and for all it’s worth … nothing to run from. If anything, you can relate to this site like we’ve known each other for years.

      So, so true that we are caught up so far in such an oppressed society that we have lost our way back; TM would like to help with that in some small fashion, and I do genuinely come to each post wise as a serpent and harmless, genuine and honest as a dove, with direction on how to navigate through this world of untruth…be it in regards to vitamins, supplements, gas pricing, or a system that is built on greed and selfish motives.

      Kudos, Vince!

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