Water really is the greatest substance in the world but not all water is the same

For the record:

“The Truth Mogul, ‘politically incorrect answers to compromised truth,’ is a humble, people-first leader, sharing black & white truth one post at a time. And taking into consideration TM’s need for balance, saying it as it is, then we would also know that if we wanted the truth on any topic we would seek it out.

Every man, woman, and child are entitled to truth. It is fair to say that if people knew the truth of most matters, from the food we eat, our banking/job/financial system, pharmaceutical and corporate manipulation, to the water we drink, or faith we stand on, they would choose a different path…certainly a different brand or whatever.”

This blog has nothing to do with judging others or systems, but rather, everything to do with the inequity being dished out and unavoidably in most cases, accepted by the people being manipulated at every corner of life into believing said foul system has their back … when in fact it is quite the contrary … unless it’s election time or cameras are rolling.

So it is then regarding this post, if we wanted truth we would do our own bottled water tap water testing and in most cases, depending on our geographical area, may never have need to purchase retail water again.

So TM … the question again is … “Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap?” and the answer is NO … NO … and NO … but please do not just take TM’s word on this.

ABC News says NO!

NBC News says NO! And this link brought so much attention it may even have been bought offline.

Scientific American says NO!

Daily Mail Australia says NO!

2 thoughts on “Do Our Own Bottled Water Tap Water Testing”

  1. Honestly, I like the way TM speaks just the truth. Speaking the truth is what many people are afraid to do, but TM does it. As little as I know, a company was called out last year for selling tap water for bottled water. This is bad! I’m not surprised to hear that most of these bottled water are tap water. Why can’t we be honest and do the right thing?

    1. You got it, Andrew…WHY CAN’T we be honest and ‘just’ do the right thing? Another story for another time … HERE for example

      Such an innocent thing, this bottled water issue, but as true as the nose on our faces, give it a shot. Pick yourself up a simple pH water testing kit. I’d suggest an ORP Metre, perhaps borrow one, as that is even better when you see the numbers … but an ORP meter can be very expensive. Test out the SMART WATER on a pH level and/or ORP and it will no longer be SMART WATER anymore. And guess what, chances are pretty good, only because of where you will live, that your tap water will outperform with shinning colors; and billions are being made on bottled water… WHAT A JOKE…but then it is the times we live and can get away with anything without consequence. ***** WHOOPS … unless it’s an election time, lol, lol…

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