Exhaustive study and research is needed to substantiate and show evidence in support of a medical theory thought to be true … as with any theory … and yours truly appreciates this. However our gravest error in the western world as a result of ignorance, coupled with money and power seekers has logic and common sense tossed to the wayside at the expense of human lives and inexcusable deprivation. That all must end here and now! TRUTH MOGUL proclaims 2018 to be the year of truth seekers as well as the age of equality and abundance for the global majority under oppression.

There are many companies, Doctor’s, naturalistic, homeopathic, and medical professionals with endless studies and research in support of preventive 100% natural medicine. On the other end of the spectrum, there is talk of banning the likes of homeopathic practices … orchestrated and funded by the hidden agendas of the ‘Big Pharma’ money tycoons … with respect for human rights, dignity, and free choice no where to be found on their menu.

It used to be the ‘Free Press’ and today, it is monopolized up the kazoo … where one might justify the mess by the word ‘PAYOLA,’ that is clearly running rampant from the overpaid pediatricians according to how many vaccines they can dish out, right down to the system that thrives and prospers off the majority debt load, where people begin life in need of debt and remain so until debt do they part.

Enough is enough! TRUTH MOGUL encourages you to be bold for the change you want and need.

We don’t follow in the ways of those selfishly driven, nor do we judge. Instead we go against what they stand for. We must walk, talk, and act in an integral, accountable and responsible fashion, by the book, all nice and legal like, having our own affordable ‘Pre-Paid Legal Package‘ in place perhaps, to keep unnecessary worry and fear at bay where it belongs.

Our world is in need of more people-first-leadership. All are created equal and entitled to their fair share of the bounty available, and to date, this is far from happening … and it must stop.

“We labor under the fatal delusion that no disease can be cured without medicine. This has been responsible for more mischief to mankind than any other evil.” – Gandhi

The significant benefit to a body consuming WEW and G4G requires nothing shy of long lost logic and common sense, and I think it’s fair regarding the above quote that Gandhi, sharing in his respected politically correct fashion, would have rather been saying; “we’ve forgotten the logic and common sense of all things, including people, with money as king.”

In reference to the Western science’s viewing disease as being a result of being exposed to a virus, bacteria, fungus, or toxin, when they in turn have been caught in the act of creating viruses themselves for warfare purposes, as well as extermination attempts, such as the ‘HIV Aids virus’ (Download and Read it HERE for yourself), is devilish at best.

Oh, TM, you’re going way too far out on the limb on this one; really! How is it then that the whole HIV/Aids epidemic was riddled as an ‘Act of God,’ against homosexuality (not the way our Living God works), finding its launching pad in San Francisco, USA., only to wreak its worst havoc throughout Africa and still to this very day? Nothing but prejudice and greed leads this one in my opinion.

Let us be vigilant…not judgemental…being the change we want to see in the world (Gandhi), and stand up against blatant lies and deception that are stealing away life, joy, hope (from our households), and dignity around the globe because of health and financial issues at the mercy of greedy power seekers.

Let us Raise The Torch for Truth and Equality Across The Globe

In closing, TM is confident everyone would like the best of health, finances, and affordable protection for their family (and business perhaps), possible, therefore, here are a few suggestions:

  1. If Tap Water is just as good as Bottled Water, if not better, and proven to be so (CNN / ABC News and/or test yourself), then why buy bottled water?
  2. If Tap and Bottled Water both have too big of a molecular structure count to provide us intracellular benefit (serious deterioration and aging implications) , why not investigate other options, such as WEW (Winning Edge Water)?
  3. If we know 99.9% of vitamins offered on the shelf of our local Walmart or say drug store shelves are synthetic, artificial not natural, offering you maybe 5% benefit for absorption in return for the money you invest in its purchase, when 100% natural is available to us from accountable sources, such as G4G/OGF, then why not take a look.
  4. If TM is suggesting there is a solution on its way in March 2018 that can add disposable income into the bank accounts of the majority, apart from a job, that would then empower them to seek employment out of passion rather than obligation to pay debt, why not subscribe to the TM’s blog posts (No pop ups No ads – Unsubscribe any time – Right column of website), and keep watch for this genius solution following 20+ years of study and research.
  5. Lastly, have you ever had a need for an Attorney/Lawyer (legal representation), and found you could not or assumed you could not afford the advice you needed? Dear friends, ‘Legal Shield‘ has saved TM thousands of dollars over the years; it’s genius and available to Canadians and Americans at this time! *** Prior to having this ridiculously low priced legal retainer protection, TM lost in excess of $50,000 dollars to corporate bullying and outright online guru scams while doing research and study over a 5-6 year span.

2 thoughts on “Consuming WEW and G4G is Intracellular not Just Extracellular”

  1. It’s a sad commentary that the U.S. has an abominable infant mortality rate, particularly for an industrialized Western nation. With that in mind, no one should be surprised that there are forces working to stifle alternatives to the latest “wonder drugs” being touted by pharmaceutical companies (complete with an arm’s length list of nasty side effects). People should consider nature’s healthy cures and the benefits they can get from them.

    1. Hey, Hugh …

      Have you ever read the book, “Heaven is for real?” It beats the movie, in my humble opinion, and the young man in said story actually meets his sister he never knew he had; she died in childbirth. Now although not an aborted child, same thing I believe, as far as being unable to make an adult decision, infant in these cases, life may end here, we earthlings can take the life but not the soul, and that is where the living God comes in, in regards to this well addressed abominable infant mortality rate.

      And yes my friend, people really must begin sooner than later to consider nature’s healthy cures and the benefits provided.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting … again!


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