Not All Vitamins or Supplements Are The Same – Not Even Close

HERE’S THE PROOF The marketing kings hired by the conglomerate corporations and government bodies in particular, see the majority of people, their bread and butter (Me, you, and everyone below wealthy status), as ignoramus buffoons; we’re a number and nothing more. Please, please, please understand that TM is not a pessimist by a long shot. Read More

Extracellular Benefit Only From Tap or Bottled Water

If we knew the truth we would invite intracellular benefit over extracellular benefit only received from tap or bottled water. Missing out on the significance of intracellular benefit is not something being shouted from the rooftops; tap nor bottled water can provide us what would seem as a normal body feat. Unfortunately, because of molecular Read More

Do Our Own Bottled Water Tap Water Testing

Water really is the greatest substance in the world but not all water is the same For the record: “The Truth Mogul, ‘politically incorrect answers to compromised truth,’ is a humble, people-first leader, sharing black & white truth one post at a time. And taking into consideration TM’s need for balance, saying it as it Read More