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THERE ARE ONLY TWO TYPES OF RELIGION – Human Accomplishment and Divine Accomplishment – AND THE PRIDE OF MAN HAS SUCCEEDED AT MAKING A VERY SIMPLE NEED COMPLICATED When we see ‘RELIGION’ (Human Accomplishment – man), in a black and white, side-by-side comparison with truth (Divine Accomplishment – God), man and his efforts are quickly Read More

Monster Energy 777 Aleister Crowley God

LET’S LINK UP TO THE INGREDIENTS Let’s link up to the ingredients found in our Monster Energy drinks just for the fun of it; are they or are they not healthy for us? SODIUM 380mg CARBOHYDRATE 5g NIACIN (B1 additive) 170% VITAMIN B6 (Synthetic Version – {Pyridoxine hydrochloride} 5% benefit of total consumed) 220% VITAMIN Read More


IT’S NOT A MATTER OF ‘IF’ IT’S A MATTER OF ‘WHEN’ It’s no longer ‘IF’ we will need legal representation in this busier than ever life, it’s ‘WHEN’ It’s not ‘IF’ we are going to die it’s ‘WHEN’ It’s no longer ‘IF’ our ID, our bank account, or social media will be compromised, it’s ‘WHEN’ Read More

“Is Jesus The Only Way to Heaven?”

This is a great question, and although I am in a position to handle most any religious questions in nature, I would encourage people to visit JesusChristLivingGod.com … as the TruthMogul.com blog was not intended to be Christian … even though TM is a Christian leader. With that said, to answer the question, “Is Jesus Read More