Many years ago, TM began noticing that our way of life was beginning to take on a whole new shift, unfavorable to the majority (anyone below the wealthy status), in which said changes would have the most significant impact, such as:

  • What used to be was no longer … From the little things like road signs created for safety were disappearing (Keep Right Except to Pass) … Road traffic laws that used to be ticketed were becoming less of a priority … Our court proceedings were fast prioritizing the vandal over the victim … And our education system was being masterfully molded into a dictator type format, while creative and critical thinking, although weak at its best, was being dumped to the wayside.
  • Black and white truth was rapidly being replaced with make belief, fiction, and unstoppable prosperity for the elite, unconcerned about what or who is left behind. 
  • We were suddenly being manipulated by paying more and getting less, including quality for our dollar … from the likes of major brand name products from cereals, to soups, to bread, to nuts, and to the quality of the clothes we place on our backs … along with disposable printers with ink cartridges costing more than the printers themselves … refrigerators lasting, if lucky, 12 months & a day, verses 12-25 years … vehicles like small mortgages from 24-36 months to now 84 months and climbing … and none of it without parading guaranteed financing for good credit, bad credit, and no credit that ends up being stockpiled from one loan to another to keep people in debt until debt do they part, while the bankers rake in billions.
  • Unfulfilled promises and blatant lies, especially from political leadership and corporate moguls including banking, pharmaceutical, FDA, AMA, CMA, all leading the way into a new era where accountability is placed upon the shoulders of those unable to financially defend themselves and/or haven’t a name or status to bring to the negotiation table.
  • And right from wrong was being programmed into law without distinction … where being wrong was suddenly a right, and being right is only right depending on what political riding it’s coming from … as the Media was shifting their own strategy from ‘Public Free Press,’ to ‘Free Press’ that it might buy up independent, free-speaking competition, fight or no fight, in order to monopolize each nation as it was entering to satisfy multiple agendas simultaneously.

Complaining … not at all … just boldly proclaiming truth on fact … while solution seeking to help the majority get out from under such selfishly driven leadership rooted in the shadows.

So Getting Back to The Question … Can You Relate?

You’ve had a good day, and yet, something is still holding you back from reaching your full potential!

You’ve had a bad day, and yet, somehow, there is no real explanation as to why!

One minute you’re feeling you could take on the world, and yet, seconds later, it’s like you could just lie down and go to sleep!

You’ve had a great exercise class, and still find yourself dragging it!

Fulfillment seems to be evading you no matter what you do or how hard you try!

What used to work to get you back on track, clear headed and ready to go, maybe a movie or a quick nap, no longer does the trick!

You’ve just come home from a great holiday … a blast heading off into the sunset … and yet … this very moment the dread of returning to your JOB (Just Over Broke) already finds you out of sorts!

TM Believes The Void We Are Attempting to Fill is Closer Than We Think … That Can Turn The Tide in Favor of The Majority … You and Me Included?

It would be naive for me to assume my suggestion as the ‘be all that ends all,’ but allow me to make an attempt to justify our current predicament by sharing a rather unusual approach from personal experience, while sipping on a Monster Energy Drink to spike my adrenaline to help drive this essential point into the minds of millions for all the right and unselfish reasons.

In my music days, not having my own funds to best present talents and strengths that we can agree is a HUGE benefit,  investors did find their way into my life to help my cause. In other words, with funds (money) available, I could then focus on what I was good at, what I loved to do, and not be lost in worry about nagging bills and debt that hold us back … stealing our thoughts, ideas, and ultimately our dreams without the monies to make them happen.

Almost immediately, I was pumping out material that was catching attention … well enough to land a great producer (Rich Dodson from the Stampeders), as well as a nomination for ‘Outstanding New Artist of The Year,’ at the Big Country Music Awards that very same year.

The point being, even though money isn’t everything, most everything worth heart and soul takes money … and I’m believing beyond the shadow of a doubt that there are things deep down we would rather be doing but cannot BECAUSE OF OUR LACK OF MONEY, with very little, if anything to show at the end of the day THAT IS TRULY OURS scot-free … therefore, we and millions of others go through this very same withdrawal over and over without cease … running around on empty until that next fix from maybe a Monster drink to the pilot saying … “WELCOME ABOARD!”

So what’s the answer? HUGE!

‘HUGE’ Will Provide us a Monthly Disposable Cash-flow Apart From Our Job/Career … AND … Enough so to Build and Launch Our Passions in Life

The Christian world, the most broke people of all, and who should know better, are caught up in one extreme or the other … money as the root of all evil … or by way of idolatry via prosperity preaching that we give to receive … while missing the fact that we receive to give from little or abundant blessings … that is not ours, but His, in the first place.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have been taught to avoid the pyramid scheme where only the people at the top make all the money … WHILE their naivety fulfills the expression “Cutting off the nose to spite the face,” because the very system said propaganda it is attempting to protect (our current system), is in itself the true pyramid scheme that should be avoided except for employment.

A side by side, apples to apples graphic will be revealed with ‘HUGE,’ to prove this point, showing true freedom for the people by the people is 100% self-funded, using an inerrant and infallible business model that levels the playing field, while automatically, rightfully, and equally distributing the wealth.

Food For Thought

What if it were possible to change the course of history, starting with securing the financial future for you and your family for less than a short term fifty dollar bill commitment?

It is more than possible! It is a viable, provable, and actual reality about to happen with the revealing of ‘HUGE‘ for the benefit of the individual, business, non-profit, and government bodies everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Can You Relate?”

  1. This was a very interesting read. You touched on a lot of topics that people don’t really seem to care about or maybe even are aware of. Yes, money can bring problems but it also creates solutions. Instead of worshiping it, we need to use it as a tool to make our lives better and ensure the lives of our family and their future are rich as well.

    1. Hey, Jack…

      I strive to address the obvious in hopes of curbing some habits from ‘who cares,’ to ‘I’d better think more closely on this,’ or something to that affect.

      You are so correct stating that money can indeed cause us problems, and yet, it’s the solutions that money can solve that make it worth while; money isn’t everything, no, but everything takes money, right! And glad you caught the idea of worshiping money (root of all evil literally), versus the power of money itself that certainly provides us freedom & choices unlike being absent of it.

      Thanks for your stopping by … TM

  2. First things first TM, I really like the graphic of the city at night! Very eye-catching. It’s hard to think of anyone who isn’t happy with their financial situation today. With high-interest loans and credit cards draining their weekly incomes (which usually don’t rise in accord with inflation), people are barely getting by paycheck to paycheck. I know you’re in Canada so let me share this with you. Here in the imperial state, er, Empire State of New York, we have tax collectors, er state police who seem more concerned with writing traffic tickets than law enforcement. New York’s government will do anything to make a buck off its citizens, and the regulations are stifling for businesses. It’s only getting worse too. As always, thanks for sharing your take on things. It’s refreshing to hear someone share an honest opinion.

    1. Hi, Mike Richard … again … lol … how nice!

      I’m 45 minutes from the USA border at Route I-81 & HWY 401 1000 Islands Canada/New York. Oddly enough, here in Canada it is the opposite; the trivial traffic tickets, improper lane driving/turning, all roadway laws, apart from quite a few 50-75 mph over the speed limit guys gals having fun but not appreciated apparently, lol, anything and everything else is nit-picked to the core.

      Things that get my goat is that the tax man continually rapes the majority and the wealthy are let off scot-free; guessing because they could drag a court case on in most case causing havoc so, with monies to defend themselves, less nagging takes place.

      And yes, the high-interest loans and credit cards lead the pack … HOWEVER … HUGE is and will be a way out for said majority as I have noted time and again. A slight change of thinking will lead most anyone to taking control of their own financial future that almost immediately, if I may be so bold, will begin reversing not only their own debt predicaments, for ever, but more so, levelling the playing field so much so that our current financial system will lose multiple trillions to the people, where currently, as anyone would know, is 100% contrary…as you so graciously noted in your reply.

      Thanks for your follow and comments … so gratefully appreciated … TM

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