Are You Guilty of Downsizing Your Dreams


TM has used the title of this show, long before the show itself, and long before coming to this blog … because life as we know it, is and has been for centuries all about debt … until debt do us part. Now as cute as this show is, it is ordained to accomplish one objective, and that is that having a job out of obligation only to live Just Over Broke is our only option, while teaching people to adapt and accept rather than offering a solution. The problem being, ‘THE SYSTEM,’ doesn’t want you the people to have dreams bigger than a JOB. Control in your life means you will be paying less and less to the system as it loses more and more control itself … and that cannot be the case in their greedy minds.

TM is not attempting to be derogatory, negative, or by any means leading us into some financial revolution out of disgruntlement. Having a job out of passion rather than obligation just makes sense, and that is what is coming with ‘HUGE.’ TM understands we don’t know know what we don’t know, and thus, is attempting to reveal what we’re missing with real life examples from post to post that leads us into a mindset that will open our minds for our own benefit.

TM, you’ve been watching too much TV, and people simply need to be more responsible and accountable for their over indulgence. TM can agree to disagree 90% (and he never watches TV). Our system from its finest of marketing tactics, its control over the mind for instant gratification … from zero money down to 0% for 84 months, from what used to be 36 … then 60 … and now 84, has the people snagged hook-line-and-sinker. And so the sad but true story goes, this type of programming and countless others along with corresponding creative tactics, are all part of blinding the majority from the truth of what doesn’t need to be; TIL DEBT DO THEY PART,  with foolish and ridiculous budgets, as life passes us by with zero job and income security, declining benefits (if any), declining work hours (if any), and void of freedom, choices, and even the slightest of control of our own lives … 100% dependent on a system that exists for profit and not the people.


Downsizing your dreams accepting second best when in fact your original thought of passion was to do something completely different, should trigger your heartstrings enough to stop you in your tracks.

If you’re aiming for more control in life, and/or searching out ideas to generate more disposable income for the freedom you are seeking, your best bet is to stay on track with passion and not accept 2nd best anything … especially accepting what comes as second nature, and that being to get yet another Just Over Broke JOB.

So with that said, are you or are you not guiltiy of downsizing your dreams … accepting second best over your original thought of passion, because if you are, stop what you are doing and consider two HUGE words … 1/ Automation and 2/ Gratitude.

IT’S THE LITTLE SIMPLE THINGS THAT KEEP BIG THINGS TOGETHER defines ‘AUTOMATION’ as – the technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum.

We could easily and rightfully relate this to interest being generated on invested money as well, because its process is automated once invested and according to the interest rate promised. So depending on how we request that money, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, that is how its automation is set up, with funds landing in our bank account accordingly without having to lift a finger.

Current problem being, no money is available to the majority in large enough quantities to return interest much beyond penny’s monthly … which is all about to change in favor of the little guy and surprise to our banking and financial system control that will soon be serving us rather than using us. also defines GRATITUDE – as the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

Great news is, any day now, literally, Truth Mogul Blog will announce the release of a company and its very unique business model with the bold proclamation of being an automated resolve that can provide all interested parties a disposable income that will be 100% self-funded for the people by the people.

Automation and Gratitude are at the heart of this new business model that will take us into The Age of Equality … where our current business model can continue as our career provider, but without concern for more than just a fair return for a job well done.

The new business model however, will provide its people the discretionary or say disposable income that society is missing to establish complete equity for all people, meaning, no need for poverty, no need for debt (including long term), and more importantly, giving the people freedom, choices, and control over the life they live and deserve, and all because of automation and gratitude in action.

So my dear friendly followers, it’s the little ‘simple’ things that keep big things together. Literally KISS Principle simple, on purpose as intended from day one when research began back in 1996 … and ‘HUGE’ will bring this to light. KEEP WATCH … and do not jump the gun on your dreams because HUGE can provide the funds needed to catapult your hearts desire, your passion, into the spotlight.

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  1. People are buried in debt. I used to practice law and did many bankruptcy cases. It’s so easy to fall into financial disarray with high interest credit cards and many other manipulative (that’s a euphemism for predatory) lending practices. Don’t think the fact many people are in debt is some accident. It’s easier to control people when they are worried about making ends meet.

    1. Predatory is precisely right…dead on! I want to stop this…I want the people to once again trust for all the right reason and follow those who will not be swayed…who will not bow to falsehood…who will not take a bribe…and who will not stop standing politically incorrect in the speech they deliver, while loving all and judging none.

      That’s a big order, I know, I appreciate that, however, somehow people must begin seeing the light, first because of this platform, the light as in taking the blinders off … and second from another platform, while the fighting is going on here, they must discover the light that guarantees this fight is not the end … not even close … where they can escape for eternal joy while those who have mastered this earthly manipulation will go to where they belong … NOT FUN!

      Sort of preaching, but not preaching, and for the people…I can live with that, while loving all and judging none.

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