Jon Tyson from ‘Unsplash‘ free online graphics, captured the above shot of something we don’t hear enough of these days: “LOVE ONE ANOTHER!”

If I may be so frank, society as a whole, is the living, breathing example of judging another human being; and why not, with sitcoms as common as “Young and The Useless (Restless).” Hollywood would argue, “It’s just acting,” when in fact we’re living it today, right down to the last divorce, abortion and/or abandonment, or judging someone’s lifestyle or wardrobe according to what’s in and what isn’t according to the latest fashion magazine. Just saying!

But TM, there you go, judging the noted sitcom and the actors therein!

Forgive me, but since when is being bold and speaking truth judging anyone or anything? Are the actors good at what they do, absolutely; do I respect them for doing their job? Not at all. Other than the ability to memorize lines, how hard can it be to act out what we see everyday in the world around us…everywhere we go and look.

And let me ask you, how is this overall scenario any different than incarcerating people over and over again so they can learn to become better at what they were incarcerated for in the first place?

Why not ideas for betterment, the likes of restorative justice for example, instead of continually feeding the dragon? Or how about programming laws for unaccountable television networks where they must provide a minimum of 50% ‘QUALITY’ family programming without the need for Pre-show Warning Statements, such as, “This program contains scenes of violence and/or sexual content not suited for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.”

FYI, TM does not watch television, apart from the very rare occasion at his overnight workplace, when 5 to maybe 10 minutes max needs to be filled; you got it … how on earth could I quote this off by memory with such limited viewing time, unless said similar quotes begin pretty much every program viewable these days, including many crude ‘children’s programs?


Before jumping in here, allow me to say that TM learned a very important lesson at the onset of his Christian walk; LOVE BEGINS BY FIRST LOVING YOURSELF. You’ll more greatly appreciate this when you read what I’m about to share, because the last thing people are able to do is love themselves in a world that has long mastered how to manipulate the mind of man to believe if they do not have millions of dollars, drive a Beamer, have perfect hair, wardrobe, etc., etc., how on earth can ‘you’ love yourself.

Psychiatric as well as psychological logic from the secular world says that if we are told we are say, ‘stupid’ or ‘foolish,’ or ‘going to amount to nothing,’ or that we are ‘this or that,’ long enough we will begin to believe it, and it’s evidently true.

Before becoming a Christian, the following testimony is a mere hint as a result of the secular wishy-washy insight and solutions… and quite frankly, said story represents the majority of our world a million times over, without even touching on the paycheck to paycheck lifestyles, or unnecessary global poverty and ever escalating gap between the wealthy and everyone else.

Regarding An Inside Look As To Why TM Could Never Judge Another Human Being … Check This Out For Sainthood

20 years into life, I found myself feeling sorry for me, when my matrimonial home was found empty along with our 8 month old son; whom I haven’t seen nor spoken with in over 24 years as of Nov 17/2018, missing yet another birthday (40) Nov 3rd/2018.
29 years into life, I found myself on my way out the door of a second marriage with an 8 month old daughter left behind; fortunately an uninterrupted solid, beautiful, and respectful relationship to this day. 
29.5 years into life, thereabouts, all wise and knowing, I made the decision to make certain, never again, under any circumstances, would another child become fatherless because of me, thus removing my ability to impregnate.
31 years into life, with a little God in me (note the word ‘little’), determined to never goof-up again, I married a third time … AND IN MY WORLDLY, not Godly WISDOM however, 33.5 years into life, my marriage was on the rocks, BUT ONLY UNTIL, Jesus Christ took over, leaving worldly wisdom and insight behind. TODAY, 60 years into life, 29 years married through thick & thin, and excited to celebrate our 30th Anniversary … there is much to say about secular advice, or even ‘THE GOD’ thing, verses a personal relationship with His Son, JESUS CHRIST.
So again, when the truth is known, WHO AM I TO JUDGE?
PS: The bible teaches, ‘For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), and sin is sin (1 John 5:17), meaning, when push comes to shove, WHO AM I (or you), TO JUDGE? 
So regarding an inside look as to why TM could never judge another human being, this is only a mere hint as to where yours truly has been and what he has done in his life. Even as an ordained Pastor (resigned in 2007), being such does not privy us to sainthood; we are all still human beings in the flesh at the mercy of an evil in which the majority do not believe in … and oh, oh, oh, how wrong we are on that one.
However, not here to preach, just share some more TM transparency … something we have long lost the interest in relating to … until today at the least, I hope and trust, and pray.
Thanks for listening (reading) … and please feel free to leave a transparent comment that will hopefully begin a new age for being honest and truthful for all the right reasons; feels great once you start 🙂

2 thoughts on “An Inside Look As To Why TM Could Never Judge Another Human Being”

  1. I was just at the bank yesterday and the teller was in a miserable mood. Not friendly. Borderline rude. Still, I tried to empathize and rather than saying anything snarky, I was as pleasant as possible. I’m trying to show others love and I hope this improves every day. As you mentioned, you also have to love yourself, because you can’t count on people for anything. Yes, there are great, loving people out there but you should always take care of yourself (without becoming self-centered). I hope this makes sense.

    1. You hit the nail on the head, Terry…

      Empathy is essential today, yet, loving self first is the best place to start; we really have no idea what people are going through these days in a world led by fear mongering propaganda on its own.

      Before I became a Christian, I was unaware of my own sin (wrong doings), as they seem commonplace (young and the useless lol, you know), and suddenly I was literally blind and able to see what was previously unable to be seen, and then and only then did I feel like a fool, because who was I to be worrying about a speck in someone else’s eye, with a plank in my own.

      Makes perfect sense, Terry! I’ve learned, if I’m to boast of anything, it will be of my own weaknesses, or the living God who has given me hope, contentment, and set my priorities on the straight and narrow…although far from perfect, lol.

      Thanks again … TM

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