About TTM

  Kevin Simpson a.k.a. Truth Mogul


·         Married to his bride Vicki 28 years October 25, 2017

·         Two children Guy & Natasha

·         Master of Religious Studies

·         Volunteering his time with Intellectually Challenged individuals since 1979

·         Loves all judges none


The Truth Mogul ‘answers and solutions,’ is a transparent, people-first blog, sharing nothing but the truth from health to faith one post at a time.

Is there a cure for cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, MD, etc., etc., etc., chances are yes. And would we ever know this, probably not considering there is simply too much money involved.

In the days of old, with solutions well under control ‘The Natural Way,’ the power of money (Pharmaceutical conglomerates), had said cure solution for cancer for example, kicked out of Dodge (Max Gerson … of Gerson.org). 

A similar incident happened to the greatest microscope ever invented that disappeared while making its founder look like a fool and insane; Max Gerson could relate! Said search has long been called off, noted as ‘Mysterious,’ while it sits in the hands of the guilty parties, awaiting the perfect timing to introduce its new self in its new undetectable model form. Not judging … just stating truth so easily accessible to all who seek it.

So yes … this very day and age with money remaining out of control as king, over the lives of people, compromised truth is running rampant unlike any other time in history and we must, for our own sake and that of our families, begin seeking truth from all the right places and sources.

Everything from the water we drink, the plastic vitamins we think to be good for us, and even the faith we stand on, there is big money behind the powers who would choose a different path for the benefit of bigger bank accounts.

PS: This site reveals two holy grail essentials for life … two of the greatest ‘natural’ solutions known to man … identified here as WEW and G4G in which TM personally uses and has for some time *** so if nothing else, you’re genuinely encouraged to read these two brief pages today!