Kevin Simpson a.k.a. Truth Mogul


·         Married to his bride Vicki 28 years October 25, 2017

·         Two children Guy & Natasha

·         Master of Religious Studies

·         Volunteering his time with Intellectually Challenged individuals since 1979

·         Loves all judges none


The Truth Mogul ‘answers and solutions,’ is a transparent, people-first blog, sharing truth from health to faith one post at a time, with a current priority focus around ‘money,’ in which at our current time, finds debt in the homes of the majority, business, and government bodies, at the highest peak in history.

In addition, the question posed, “Is there a cure for cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, MD, etc., etc,?” and TM says the chances are more than probable to be a yes. Would we ever know this, probably not considering there is simply too much profit involved, with too much money and power to prevent its selfishly driven abuse.

In the days of old, with solutions well under control ‘The Natural Way,’ the Pharmaceutical conglomerates made certain said natural cure for cancer for example, was kicked out of Dodge (Max Gerson … of 

A similar incident happened to the greatest microscope ever invented and along with it, now 50+ years of suppression to the cure for cancer.

This very day and age, money is king over the lives of people, while compromised truth runs rampant. We must begin seeking truth from all the right places and sources.

Everything from the water we drink, the synthetic vitamins we are told by the pros to be good for us, and even the faith we stand on, there is big money behind the powers who would choose a different path for the benefit a bigger bank account.