You Tell Me!

COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD HAS BECOME MORE COMMON AND POPULAR THAN COMMUNICATION WITH THE LIVING? It’s 0055hrs … or five minutes to one (am) … and this idea of ‘You Tell Me’ came to mind. Why? I’m a very deep thinker who’s unsatisfied with the status quo … with going along with the crowd … Read More

We’ve All Done It But Why

Literally, no exceptions, we’ve all done it and seen it in action, being ourselves or someone else FUMING TO LET OFF STEAM; ranting from the car; crossing a street and hearing it from an aggressive, too much of a hurry driver; in the midst of a meeting; in what appears to be too long of Read More

Know How Online Affiliate Marketing Blog Millionaire eBay Success Story Gurus Flaunt Phony Checks and Bank Accounts

This Bank Does Not Appear to Exist This Bank Exists But No Evidence to Verify if Person is Real Sadly enough in today’s day and age, we can and will go to great lengths to create anything and everything our little heart desires to appear as legitimate, including the purchase of degree certification to be Read More